Valuations 2017

  • Large volume of estimates carried out for banks, +- 150 cases in 2017
  • Many cases in terms of M&A (mainly in industry)
  • Many family portfolios (real estate companies) on strategic decision points: Succession planning, generation switches from parents to children: hold or sell in terms of follow-up, management, priorities children, split private and operating assets, etc.
  • Public sector entities (cities and municipalities, provinces, governments) that consolidate their real estate, appreciate and valorise budgets
  • Regular customers in various segments who appreciate our discretion, market knowledge (expertise) and objectivity.

Valuations 2018

  • Globalisation and increasing groups (for example, garage networks in the automotive sector) result in the continuation of the volume M&A cases; via Gerald Eve network, HCS can be responsible for cross-border M&As at European level: for both commercial and estimates/consulting.
  • Continuation work for different banks (low interest rates continue to drive bank estimates because financing is cheap, allowing businesses to use their cash for growth in their core business)
  • Be a valued partner so that “whenever real estate matters” we can support our customers (large and small) with advice and support