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Belgian shoppers need a better mobility network

For many cities and municipalities, it is high time to draw up a more effective and future-focussed parking and mobility policy. This is according to Axel Ceusters, managing director of Group Hugo Ceusters-SCMS.

A shopping survey conducted by Group Hugo Ceusters-SCMS revealed that 67.6% of Belgians take the car to go shopping. This is in stark contrast to the decreasing number of Belgians using public transport for this purpose: 17.5% in 2014, 16.5% in 2015, and 14.7% in 2016.

This decrease is not yet dramatic, but one thing is clear: it is possible to observe a marked trend. The trend revealed by our survey conducted among 11,086 Belgians is certainly striking. All the more so, as a few years ago, everything seemed to indicate that public transport was set to become more popular again.

The solution is more innovation. Make sure that your city or municipality is future proof. How can we improve our parking policies in cities and make them fit for the future? That’s the key question! It’s not enough to simply promote public transport. Dare to think about building more ultra-modern cycling highways. Make sure that they are accessible for both young and old. Or what about hands-free shopping, so that people no longer have to drag their purchases around, but can pick them up somewhere outside the city?

Axel Ceusters is Managing director at Group Hugo Ceusters-SCMS’s real estate office. He wrote this opinion piece for the Mapic international real estate and retail fair in Cannes.

Read the complete article published in Knack. (Dutch)

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