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Property Management


An overview of the projects

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  • Acquisition of Devimo by SCMS-Ceusters
    • Insourcing of management by AGRE
  • Focus of international managers for corporate solutions
    • Market of the tenant as client
    • Technology
    • One-stop-shopping/leverage: real estate, facility, management, consultancy, project mgt., etc.
  • 55 % offices, 25 % warehouses, 20 % stores managed by external managers
  • New entrants on the market for the management of retail real estate provide further specialisation of the services offered

HCS 2017

  • Acquisition of Devimo; national growth of the management department
  • Strong growth of the retail parks department and trustee of offices and SME parks
  • Increasing demand for financial management for retailers or family offices
  • Maintaining the “Chinese Wall” between the commercial and property management department while still maintaining cooperation between these different departments in order to intensify, especially, with regard to the commercial, research and marketing window



  • Continued emphasis on the use of IT and technology: the market will be accelerating soon
  • Wish for managers to manage commercial real estate segment as well
  • - Polarisation between integrated services and specialisation will increase due to the service provider


  • Additional investments in high-performance IT applications
  • Expansion with respect to portfolio trustee of offices and SMEs
  • Actively become involved with management of offices in Brussels via synergy with sister company Devimo
  • Marketing and (re-)branding will be the main pillars in the support of the property manager to the asset manager or owner in order to make it attractive to either put or retain the building on the market
  • Commercial management remains a major focus within property management in 2018
  • Property management will remain, even with the help of technology, to a large extent, a “People Business”, something that we as a family company will continue to rely on 100 %
  • "It is not only about simply acquiring tools, it is about how you use them "

& recognitions

  • Expertise Property Management Ranking

    With a 14% market share, HUGO CEUSTERS-SCMS GROUP gained a magnificent 2nd place in the overall ranking based on the rental value represented by the real estate portfolio. When considering the ranking of retail real estate alone, SCMS-CEUSTERS is in the lead with a market share of 27%. SCMS-CEUSTERS is also in the top 3 in the semi-industrial ranking with a market share of 14%, and in 5th place in the office ranking. We are proud of these results; they demonstrate we are among the leaders in all property management markets and are positioning ourselves as a real all-rounder.

    When combining the figures of our sister company Devimo-Consult with those of SCMS-CEUSTERS, the company actually moves into first place (shared with BNP Paribas Real Estate) with a market share of 24%; reaching a market share of as much as 51% in retail real estate management.

  • ICSC

    Pieter Van Aelst and K in Kortrijk, both under management by SCMS-CEUSTERS, were each awarded a silver ICSC Solal Marketing Award at the ICSC European Marketing Conference in Vienna in June 2017. These prestigious awards are an international award for marketing events in shopping centres.

    Fablab (Pieter Van Aelst) and the Baba Yega-event (K in Kortrijk) received a silver award.

    In total, more than 200 projects were submitted from 30 different European countries + South Africa. The International Council of Shopping centres (ICSC) is an organisation that coordinates all shopping centre professionals around the world, and has more than 70,000 members from more than 100 countries.

  • BLSC

    The BLSC (Belgian Luxembourg Council of Retail and Shopping Centres) issued its Marketing Awards for the second time on 19 October.

    Projects from our management portfolio were awarded 2 of the 3 prizes: Pieter Van Aelst won the award for “Corporate Social Responsibility” with FabLab, and Wijnegem Shopping Centre was a winner in the “Footfall & Sales Activation” category with “Candy Fashion”.

    A total of 24 projects were entered by 8 different parties; SCMS-Ceusters was well represented with 9 projects.

    11 projects were nominated as finalists, 6 of these were from SCMS-Ceusters: Warande Beveren and K in Kortrijk also received a nomination.

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