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Property management

Prices BLSC

Projects in our management portfolio were successful in winning 2 of the 3 prizes: Pieter Van Aelst won the award in the category “Corporate Social Responsibility” with FabLab and Wijnegem Shopping Center was a winner in the category “Footfall & Sales Activation” with “Candy Fashion”.

The “group success” was complete when Devimo colleagues from the Waasland Shopping Center ran off with the 3rd award with the W.Smile campaign.

A total of 24 projects were entered by 8 different parties; SCMS-Ceusters was well represented with its 9 projects. 11 projects were nominated as finalists, 6 of which were from SCMS-Ceusters: Warande Beveren and K in Kortrijk also received a nomination. Congratulations to all nominees and particularly to the Award winners.

Waasland Shopping centre, under Devimo management, also won the “Brand Awareness and (re)positioning” category with the W.Smile campaign.

Property management

Ranking 2017

With a 14% market share, GROUP HUGO CEUSTERS-SCMS gained a magnificent 2nd place in the overall ranking, based on the rental value represented by the real estate portfolio. When considering the ranking of retail real estate alone, SCMS-CEUSTERS is in the lead with a market share of 27%. SCMS-CEUSTERS is also in the top 3 in the semi-industrial ranking with a market share of 14%, and in 5th place in the office ranking. We are proud of these results, which demonstrate that we are among the leaders in all property management markets and are therefore positioning ourselves as a real all-rounder.

When combining the figures of sister company Devimo-Consult with those of SCMS-CEUSTERS, the company even moves into first place (jointly with BNP Paribas Real State) with a market share of 24%; reaching a market share of as much as 51% in retail real estate management.

With an 8 % market share, DEVIMO gained a magnificent 5th place in the overall ranking, based on the rental value represented by the real estate portfolio. When considering the ranking of the retail real estate alone, DEVIMO is 2nd with a surface area of 463,025 m².


ICSC Awards

Pieter Van Aelst and K in Kortrijk, both under management by SCMS-CEUSTERS, were each awarded a silver ICSC Solal Marketing Award at the ICSC European Marketing Conference in Vienna in June 2017. These prestigious awards are an international award for marketing events in shopping centres. Fablab (Pieter Van Aelst) and the Baba Yega-event (K in Kortrijk) received a silver award. In total, more than 200 projects were submitted from 30 different European countries + South Africa. The International Council of Shopping centres (ICSC) is an organisation that coordinates all shopping centre professionals around the world, and has more than 70,000 members from more than 100 countries.

Samen Klimaatactief: HCS signed the Samen Klimaatactief (an initiative of the City of Antwerp to drastically reduce CO2 emissions from offices, light industry and shops in Antwerp) charter in the Antwerp World Diamond Centre on 11 October 2017.

HCS is committed to cooperate in the drastic reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from offices, light industry and shops in Antwerp.

Group Hugo Ceusters-SCMS

Results 2017

Business unit/Regio Transactions Ranking Total m2 Ranking
National 85 nr. 3 42.986 m2 nr. 5
Antwerp 43 nr. 2 21.495 m2 nr. 4
Ghent 23 nr. 2 12.675 m2 nr. 2
Semi-industrial & logistics
National 82 nr. 2 137.611 m2 nr. 3
National 57 nr. 3 22.221 m2 nr. 3
Property Management
Retail market share: 27% 515.446 m2 nr. 1
Industry market share: 14% 264.344 m2 nr. 3
Offices market share: 9% 428.108 m2 nr. 5
Overall market share: 14%* nr. 2*
Overall (HCS + Devimo) market share: 24%* nr. 1*

Source: Expertise News ed. 547, 8.12.2017 + ed. 549, 12.01.2018 & Retailfocus ed. 297, 12.01.2018